Sainath Jagriti Gramin Vikas Sansthan

Programmatic Areas

Community Organisation

SJGVS believes that community empowerment is the best way for sustainable development and social change. Hence it lays emphasis on making community informed about its rights, entitlements, government schemes, functioning of government departments, etc., to empower the people. Community empowerment interventions include:

  • Promotion of community-based organisations like women groups, youth forums, farmers’ club, etc.
  • Information dissemination on rights and entitlements
  • Capacity building of leaders of community-based organisations
  • Rural library for youth
  • Advocacy and networking with local groups to protect human rights

Livelihood Promotion

SJGVS implements all economic development interventions through self-help groups (SHGs). The following are major livelihood interventions:

  • Promotion of SHGs and farmers’ club
  • Promotion of micro saving and credit activities
  • Training of farmers on improved agricultural practices
  • Promotion of bio-compost and vermi-compost
  • Entrepreneurship development among SHG members
  • Vocational training to entrepreneurs
  • Facilitation of financial linkages of SHGs with local banks
  • Mobilise support from government poverty alleviation programmes like MNREGA

Disability and Health

SJGVS works towards making health system functional to address health needs of underprivileged groups and communities. It facilitates community to actively participate in health delivery system and access the services.

  • Identification and promotion of positive traditional practices related to maternal and neonatal health
  • Awareness and campaign against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and leprosy
  • Community education regarding promotion of use of safe drinking water
  • Social mobilisation and campaign against discrimination with persons with disability
  • Mobilising support for medical appliances to physically challenged people
  • Community sensitisation for prevention of disability
  • Mobilising government schemes for physically challenged persons and equip them with proper information to access these services

Environment Protection

SJGVS is deeply concerned over environment protection, because it believes that environment is essential for existence of living being. It is engaged in this direction through:

  • Mass education campaign on environment protection
  • Construction of soakpit for safe waste water disposal
  • Promotion of plantation in fallow land and social forestry
  • Advocacy on environment related issues