Sainath Jagriti Gramin Vikas Sansthan

Vision, Mission and Objectives


To establish such a society in which everyone's basic needs are fulfilled and the people live in violence free atmosphere of self-respect without any kind of exploitation or discrimination.


To support the efforts of development in society for women, children, disabled and deprived people to make them aware, educated and self-dependent, so that they can progress with the mainstream of the society.


  • To create awareness on education to make people responsible citizens.
  • To build capacity of women for their awareness and self-reliance.
  • To make regular efforts for creating an aware society for ending social evils.
  • To focus on income generation activities for poverty elimination.
  • To enhance sources of income of the people and SHGs by making them available small loans.
  • To work in the interest of deprived section of society for bringing them in mainstream of development.
  • To jointly work with government and NGOs for development of weaker section of society.
  • To enhance the livelihood conditions of the society.
  • To improve the health conditions of the society members.
  • Mainstreaming the weaker section of society.
  • To work for improving the awareness on education, health and against violence.